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Calculating working days in Power Automate or Logic Apps

Note: there's currently an issue with images in Blogger . If you can't see the images in this post, you can  read the article on the Chorus website instead. Here’s a common scenario for any kind of SLA-driven process – calculate a target date or a due date for a task based on a number of working days. In most cases, we can take working days to be everything except weekends and public holidays. Let’s take a look at how you might go about it in Power Automate or Azure Logic Apps. Note: the approach is identical regardless of whether you go with Power Automate or Logic Apps – I’m using Logic Apps in this case because the HTTP connector requires a premium license in Power Automate.  The challenge Given a start date and the number of working days we need to add, calculate a target date. High-level approach The algorithm works like this: Add one day at a time to our start date – let’s call this the running date. If the running date is not a weekend or a public ho