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Versioning SharePoint Framework Packages

TL;DR: Package versioning in SPFx web parts is confusing. Your sites will notify you that an upgrade is available, but will automatically use the latest version of your code regardless. Package versioning behaviour in the SharePoint Framework is currently a little idiosyncratic, and it recently caused us a few headaches. It seems that from a versioning perspective SharePoint (incorrectly) expects the SPFx packages to behave like SharePoint Add-ins. In this post I'll run through some of the issues we encountered and how we worked through it. Context You can version an SPFx package in three places: The SharePoint package manifest , in the package-solution.json file. The component manifests , in one or more .manifest.json files. The NPM package manifest , in the package.json file. In this post we're looking at the SharePoint package manifest (package-solution.json) as this is the version number that SharePoint reads and propagates when you deploy a package to the App