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Avoiding deployment validation errors with SPFx packages

Just a quick note on a gotcha I came across when deploying an SPFx package to the App Catalog: In the package-solution.json file, make sure your solution name doesn't use dot notation (or for my American friends, doesn't contain periods). This appears to prevent SharePoint from recognising your .sppkg file as a valid app package. I started with a package-solution.json file that resembled the following - a nicely-qualified solution name, or so I thought: {     "solution": {         "name": "Chorus.TiledNewsPart",         "id": "83a75dd2-26d3-4235-b4ba-d0d4a8b19443",         "version": ""     },     "paths": {         "zippedPackage": "solution/chorustilednewspart.sppkg"     } } When I dropped the package into the App Catalog, I saw the following: As you can see, things don't look good: A bunch of fields ( Title , Product ID , Metadata Language