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Programming eDiscovery in SharePoint Server 2013

Recently I needed to get a grip on how to work with the eDiscovery tools in SharePoint 2013 from the server-side object model. There's not much information out there on how to do this (and some of the information out there is plain wrong), so I built a proof-of-concept console app to work through the key features, including: Programmatically retrieving an eDiscovery case. Creating a new source. Creating a custodian. Creating a new source. Creating a new eDiscovery set. Using queries and exports. Applying in-place holds to eDiscovery sets. I'll keep the explanation to a minimum, as I'm hoping the code largely speaks for itself. I'll assume you know the basic concepts of eDiscovery in SharePoint 2013, including how to work with cases, sources, sets, queries, and exports through the UI. To use the code, you'll need assembly references to Microsoft.SharePoint.dll and  Microsoft.Office.Policy.dll . All the eDiscovery classes you need are in the  Microsoft.Off