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Another Reason to Stop Developing Sandboxed Solutions

As you probably know by now, sandboxed solutions are no longer a preferred approach to development in SharePoint 2013. Wherever possible, you should use develop your custom functionality within a SharePoint app. If SharePoint apps don't offer the capabilities you require, you probably need a farm solution anyway, which leaves sandboxed solutions in a distant third place for SharePoint development. However, there may still be reasons that compel you to create a sandboxed solution for SharePoint 2013. (In my case, it's because I'm writing a course that needs to cover sandboxed solution development). If so, there is a limitation you need to be aware of: You can't run sandboxed code on a single server installation of SharePoint 2013 on Windows Server 2012 + domain controller. You can install and activate the solution without any problems, but any sandboxed code will throw the following error: An unknown exception occurred while executing a sandboxed code solution re