Enforcing Site Policy Selection in SharePoint 2013

One of the new features in SharePoint 2013 is the ability to create and publish site policies. Essentially, a site policy defines when a site should be closed and when it should be deleted, together with any reminders, workflows, and so on that you want to associate with the process. You create site policies at the site collection level, and you can then publish them through a Managed Metadata Service application to make them available on other site collections.
One of the big selling points of site policies is that you can use them in conjunction with self-service site creation. The basic idea is that you allow people to create their own sites, but mitigate the associated risk of site proliferation by forcing them to select an appropriate site closure and deletion policy as part of the site creation process. This is all well-documented elsewhere, so I don't plan to go into it here. Instead, I want to focus on a couple of specific issues that stumped us for a couple of hours.

Issue 1: The link on the Self-Service Site Creation Management dialog is a red herring

When you configure self-service site creation, you'll see a dialog like this:

Notice the link at the top of the page:
Users can create their own Site Collections from: http://.../_layouts/15/scsignup.aspx

This is a red herring. If you use this link, you'll get a site collection creation dialog of sorts, but there won't be any option to select a site policy - even though you've set Site Classification Settings to A required choice. Instead, you need to use the following site-relative URL:

If you use this URL, you'll be presented with a page that forces you to select from a list of your published site policies:
Issue 2: You must explicitly specify the site creation link
If you've read up on configuring self-service site creation, you'll know that the general idea is that users should create site collections from the Sites page on their My Site. If you've enabled self-service site creation on the web application that hosts your My Sites, you'll see a new site link at the top of the Sites page:
When you click this link, SharePoint launches the selfservicecreate.aspx page as a dialog. However, unless you have explictly specified the link to the page in the self-service site creation settings, Sharepoint will display a default version of the page - in other words, it will ignore the site classification settings you've configured. When you configure self-service site creation for the My Sites web application, under Start a Site, you must select Display the custom form at and then specify the link to the selfservicecreate.aspx page:
Now, when you click the new site link, you should see the correct version of the dialog that forces you to select an appropriate policy template for the new site collection:
Hope that saves a headache or two.


  1. I have been looking for this info everywhere!

  2. But following link /_layouts/15/selfservicecreate.aspx contains 2 fields only. Site Name and Policy... rest all fields are missing. Where as there are additional fields on scsignup.aspx.... Is there any work around to show on scsignup.aspx?


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