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Problems Viewing Health Reports in SharePoint 2013

I've been faced with an interesting problem over the last few days when working with the SharePoint 2013 RTM build. I'm using SharePoint 2013 RTM on Windows Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012 RTM on Windows Server 2012. I configure usage and health data collection in Central Admin using default settings. I click View health reports . I specify some criteria under Slowest Pages , and click Go . I then get presented with the following error message: Sorry, something went wrong You can only specify the READPAST lock in the READ COMMITTED or REPEATABLE READ isolation levels. This took quite a bit of troubleshooting. When you click Go on the Health Reports page, SharePoint calls a stored procedure named  proc_GetSlowestPages in the WSS_Logging database. After spending some time messing around with SQL Server Profiler, we established beyond doubt that the call to the stored procedure is using the default READ COMMITTED transaction isolation level. The problem lies in a conflict be