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Enterprise Deployment Tutorial Series Published

Microsoft's web platform includes various tools and technologies which, together, give you a whole lot of control over your web deployment and ALM scenarios. Visual Studio tooling, MSBuild, the Web Publishing Pipeline, the IIS Web Deployment Tool (Web Deploy), VSDBCMD.exe, the Web Farm Framework, and other tools can all work together to give you some really powerful and flexible deployment solutions. The problem has always been that these tools are documented individually, and if you want to figure out how to use them together then you've got your work cut out. Until now, that is :-) Over the past six months, I've been working with Tom Dykstra and Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi at Microsoft to create some tutorials on web deployment in the enterprise. I'm pleased to announce that we've now published the series, Deploying Web Applications in Enterprise Scenarios , to the website. The tutorial series is huge - over 60,000 words - and covers many different as