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SharePoint: Getting Your End Users On Board

Everyone who implements or manages SharePoint deployments knows that the hardest part is getting your end users to engage with the solution and use it effectively. Consider the following, not uncommon, conversation: Sales guy: "SharePoint's on the blink again." Me: "Okay, what's the problem?" Sales guy: "I can't open a Word doc." Me: "Send me the link, I'll take a look." The link comes through, and it looks something like this: name/division name/program name/quote number/document name.docx At this point, I'll explain the problem. Basically, the sales team are hitting the file path length limit in Microsoft Office (259 characters, including the path to the temp folder on your computer). I'll remind them that they should be using content types and metadata, rather than multiple nested folders, to organize their tenders and proposals. I'll run through the benefit