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Working with the Documents Tab on the SharePoint Ribbon

This week I've been taking a look at using ribbon controls with the SharePoint JavaScript client object model to drive some custom functionality. Ribbon customizations for SharePoint 2010 are fairly well documented. However, when you work with contextual tab groups—and the Documents tab in particular—there are a few nuances and idiosyncrasies that it's worth being aware of up front. In this case, I want to add a ribbon button that enables the user to perform some additional actions when they select a file in a document library. There are countless scenarios in which you might want to do this – for example, you might add a "Request a copy of this document in large print/audio format/Welsh" control to the ribbon and use the document metadata to prepopulate an InfoPath form. To start with, however, I want to keep it simple: When the user selects a document in a document library, display a button on the ribbon. When the user clicks the button, display some informat