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List Relationships and Cascading Dropdowns in SharePoint and InfoPath

Here's the situation. I have two lists on a SharePoint 2010 site – let's call them Product Categories and Products . The Products list includes a lookup column that points to the Product Categories list, so users can associate a category with a product. I need to use these lists to provide choices that users can select from within an InfoPath 2010 form. This is how I want the form to work: The user selects a product category from a dropdown list. The form filters the list of products based on the selected category. The user selects a product from the filtered list of products. This might sound trivial, but it took me a while to work out the nuances and it doesn't seem to be particularly well documented anywhere, so I figured I'd share it. Essentially, InfoPath 2010 includes a new feature that allows you to specify query fields when you connect to a SharePoint list. This allows you to create cascading dropdowns without resorting to custom code, custom data sources o