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Understanding List Query Throttling Limits in SharePoint 2010

By now, most SharePoint developers will have come across the list query throttling settings in SharePoint 2010. Essentially, farm administrators can impose limits on the number of items returned by list queries, in order to protect the performance of the farm as a whole. Limits are applied on a per-Web application basis and are typically managed through the Web application settings in Central Admin. So far, so good. The concepts of query throttling are well documented, and the rationale will be obvious to anyone who has seen a SharePoint environment grind to a halt under heavy-handed list queries. (For a good explanation of query throttling, together with information on how you can avoid hitting the limits through careful indexing, take a look at Query Throttling and Indexing by the patterns & practices team.) However, it's not always entirely clear how these settings are applied. First of all, "administrators" is a loose term. Let's clarify who qualifies as